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My newest body of sculptural work explores miniature 1:160th scale landscapes created on concrete forms. I hand mix concrete using local aggregates creating a tangible connection to where the work was created. I often utilize recycled molds such as old balls or cardboard tubes to shape the concrete, which lend a distinct personality to each piece. 

These detailed landscapes are inspired by my own experiences living and exploring different locations in New England, prompting the viewer to reflect on their own sense of place and belonging within their physical environment. I construct each assemblage using antique wood boxes or concrete forms as structure; then weaving together natural and found objects to communicate universal narratives. I am particularly drawn to the stories that everyday objects can tell - the humble, discarded items that accumulate a lifetime of memories and emotions.

The theory of Wabi Sabi has always guided my work, a highlight was reading Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers by Leonard Koren. The teachings of this theory always hold true: that all things are intrinsically imperfect, that we need to slow down and appreciate the small things that make life beautiful, that art making is about process, not final product. Wabi Sabi asks for concentration on the things that are often overlooked, the imperfections of life, and the many ways decay and aging record the passing of time. I hope that my sculptures will serve as a source of inspiration, prompting others to explore their own personal narratives and the untold stories that are embedded within the objects that surround them.



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